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Hi Everybody

I would like to ask something I am not sure of. I use FerenOS and like it a lot. But is there anybody who could help me. If I understand uses Kernel v. 5.4.0-42-genric. Is this a bad Kernel or is it a good Kernel? I would love to update my LIbreOffice from to 7.0, how does one do that? FerenOS can use Flathub, is it better to uninstall Libre Office and use Flathub instead. Since Flathub has Libre Office 7.0. Or will Libre Office be updated on FerenOS through the PPA that one has?



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Hi Wike, welcome to Linux.org its fairly eclectic in terms of user base but i will be first
to reply.
FerenOS is a new one on me might have a test of it.
I was on Slackware 14.2 which had 4.4.14 and i was quite happy with that following gino d'acampo philosophy "minimum effort , maximum satisfaction" . in other words IF you can get things done with what you have - be satisfied. I was ok until i got a new laptop and my wifi card was not recognized. Then this was my dilemma : Try slackware current or fiddle about compiling kernel driver. I went current - everything was fine. A generic kernel uses the approach of modules rather than huge which , to put it simply tries to have everything including the kitchen sink. 5.4.0 that has to be in the last 12 months maybe even not so long as that . I'm not a nerd that way in terms of time. Compare it to 4.4.14 i would say tha
ts quite up to date. My Libre office is 5 something and i can get everything i want done. You have LIbreOffice from .

So i will now put my psychologist hat on and put this question to you [ i'm being humorous if you haven't guessed - most don't ] what are you not satisifed with ?

I had a quick look at options for Libre office -only for slackware ; there seems to be two versions9for slackware) and you can see the deps involved. Thats something you have to take into account. I have no idea how versed you are in deps and dependency mess/hell

ps hang on ; different time zones for users and i'm sure a Debian user will help since FerenOS sems related or has a Debian ancestor


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Welcome, Christer!

I have since replaced my ferenos install, so cannot answer directly you question on flathub.
Neither do I know anything about your hardware specs. Given these two caveats, I can say that feren is based on mint and uses some its repos, correct?

Kernel issues have arisen IME with older hardware running modern GNU/Linux. I have found skipping over to the 5.4.7 kernel got rid of the bugs I was experiencing with a couple distros, (one Debian-based) of late. And Libreoffice 7 has just been released, as you state.

You may want to explore adding a PPA from Mint that has upgrades to the kernel,
add-apt-repository ppa:(name-of-repo)/ppa
then updating and upgrading the kernel in this way;
Explore then download Libreoffice7 to install the deb as normal instead of using flathub.

I do not believe in the so-called "conveniences" like flathub and timeshift or timewarp or whatever, but do things the old-school way.

Best wishes!

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