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Fedora version earlier than 20 with KDE - does it exist

Discussion in 'Fedora' started by URDRWHO, Apr 20, 2015.


    URDRWHO Guest

    I would like to try and earlier version of Fedora 20 with KDE. Fedora spins only has 20 with KDE.

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    Any suggestions? I have an older laptop that I want to try it on. I tried 20 on a live stick and it ran ok but I am not sure how it will fly with a full install? I have Kubuntu 12.04 running well and I am laxed to place Fedeora over it if it won't work for me.
  2. rstanley

    rstanley Guest

    You can get older releases of Fedora at their archive site.

    I have not installed Fedora for many years, so I can't comment on the releases.

    Good luck!

    URDRWHO Guest


    I started to install Fedora 18 and then got to the point of choosing hard drive partitions. I continued to a point that the install was not clear on what it was going to do next to my hard drives.

    When I am installing a distro I always choose manual partition but the Fedora wasn't clear if it was going to give me a choice to choose my existing partitions. One time I had a terrible experience Lubuntu. I choose to manually do the partition choices but Lubuntu decided to write over the entire hard drive. I had a friend lead me to a site with some good forensic software and I recovered about 95% of the windows partition files.

    Because of that Lubuntu experience, if something is ever, ever in question I do not proceed.

    Ha! After playing around trying to from my Nvidia driver back to the nouveau, the Kubuntu install got very bad. So I am installing a fresh 12.04 LTS.


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