Fedora 36/37 Nvidia issues with kernel 6.1.x and encrypted drive


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Dec 11, 2019
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@dos2unix since I know you use Fedora.

In short if you are booting off of an encrypted drive and have an Nvidia graphics card and you are using the Nvidia driver the passphrase prompt doesn't show because the Fedora kernel devs forgot to compile a certain functionality into the kernel. You will just get a blank screen and you can then just type in your password and your system will boot into the 6.1.x kernel anyway, it should be fixed with time.
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Well... I do have the 6.1.5 kernel and the nVidia driver. No problems with that part.
I don't use an encrypted drive right now. But I could try this on one of my systems.

I would think worse case... boot into CLI, type your pass-phrase.
Then manually start X. Kind of a pain, but I think it would work.
There is no tty to switch to accces a cli as long as your root partition hasn't been unlocked yet. I have the same issue on my system which is running Fedora 37, once you get a blank screen you can just type in your passphrase and then the boot process continues as usual.
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