Fedora 17 out on 5/22?



Anyone else excited for Fedora 17? Supposedly it'll be out on Tuesday, the 22nd. I'm currently using 16 w/ the cinnamon desktop.

The last time I've used Fedora was their Leonidas 11, I like their KDE and it works on old computers with low ram. Nowadays, Fedora isn't meant for computers with just about 512 RAM, it may work though but probably struggle before booting.

Do you like updating Fedora from time to time as they don't have LTS?
Not excited, but interested.

I don't pay a lot of attention, but when I do, I'm in awe of the speed of development these days, and even more in awe at the manner in which the development takes place. I don't work in an environment where we receive patches from strangers, or even people we've not met. But I understand that the Linux kernel and many other big projects included in most distros constantly receive development enhancements and bug fixes from all over the world. They're systematically thrown into a build, tested and judged for acceptance. Gosh that's a big effort!
Oh I will be watching that space for sure - I was a big fedora fan a couple of years ago, it will be interesting to see the newer package and what it houses.
Some brands keep on updating their products. This not only keeps their customers in the touch, but also add new customers. In addition to that the trust on the company or brand remains in tact. The same is the case with Fedora. It has kept itself in the field and has enabled to keep its value among its customers.
Last night I typed in this command, accepted a huge list of updates, did other things while they downloaded, rebooted and went to bed.
sudo preupgrade-cli "Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle)"
In the morning I checked and I was still running Fedora 16. Huh?

Of course, if I had paid more attention to Rob's post above, I would have realized the Miracle isn't out yet. There are no *.fc17.* RPMs installed on my machine, so I'm kind of wondering why there were so many updates.

Oh, well. In a few more days I'll try again.

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