Favorite apps you install right after the operating system or can't live without on Linux.

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vim - because Vim is life!
vifm - because it’s a file manager that uses Vim keybinds!
tmux - terminal multiplexer.
w3m - terminal based browser.
gcc, g++, cgdb, make, cmake, git, svn and a ton of development libraries.
ghci (Glasgow Haskell Compiler Collection) - because I’ve been trying to learn Haskell for a while.
dwm - suckless.org’s legendary tiling window manager
dmenu - suckless.org’s text based launcher
cmus - lightweight terminal based audio player
st - suckless terminal
ag (aka the silver-searcher) - basically multithreaded grep on steroids!
farbfeld - suckless.org’s own open-image format, required by:
sent - suckless.org’s amazing presentation solution. Allows you to create PowerPoint-like slide-shows/presentations using the Takahashi presentation style, just using simple markup language in the terminal.
T - terminal based Twitter client
Tuir - terminal based Reddit client
ncdu - ncurses based disk usage application for the terminal
powertop - another take on the ‘top’ command. Allows you keep track of which applications/processes are using more power and allows you to make tweaks to various system settings to reduce power consumption.
tabbed - another suckless.org tool for creating multiple instances of an application in a tabbed interface.
goto - a tool to allow you to bookmark various locations in your file-system and jump to them.
stup - a note management system for agile developers using the scrum methodology.
Organise your daily notes, ready for your daily scrum/standup meetings.
note - my own note management system, used for more general notes.

On the GUI side of things:
QtCreator (and the rest of the QT suite of tools QTdesigner etc)
Asunder - for ripping my CD’s to MP3/OGG/FLAC etc.
Kid3 - for tagging ripped mp3 files
Audacity + Tons off plugins
Jack - Jack Audio Connection Kit
Ardour - DAW
OBS studio - great for recording desktop videos or presenting live-streams.
K3b - CD/DVD burning application. Great for burning mixes of demos to CD, so they can be listened to in the car - the true litmus test of any recording. If it sounds great in the car, it’ll sound great everywhere else, ha ha!
There’s tons more. I’ve barely scratched the surface!

on my server workstation (console):

screen - Desktop multiplexer
mc - Filemanager
vim - Texteditor
mutt - e-Mail Client
mcabber - XMPP/JABBER Client
calcurse - Calendar
wordgrinder - Office Writer
bc (modified with a little script to make it easier) - Calculator

on my desktop

i3(wm) - Windowmanager
firefox - Browser
thunderbird - Mail
geany - Texteditor
pidgin - XMPP/JABBER Client
eog - Galary
evince - PDF Reader

The little bc script

root@srv27595:~# cat /opt/tools/calc.sh #!/bin/bash export LC_NUMERIC=C #englishes format einstellen echo 'VERY SIMPLE calculator in bash' echo 'CTRL+C for exit' while read LINE do echo "${LINE}" | bc -l | xargs printf "= %f\n" | sed -E 's/0+$//g' | sed -e 's/\.$//g' done root@srv27595:~# grep 'calc' /root/.bash_aliases alias calc='/opt/tools/calc.sh'
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