External monitor not detected[SOLVED]



Hi all.

I jsut installed fedora 20 xfce 64 bit version, used Ubuntu before but wanted to try out something diffrent.
Installation was done in minimal graphics mode as was suggested on the net due to xfce.
The system does not detect my external monitor at all, system info is bellow could anyone help me out please.

System info:

VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)

Dell inspiron Laptop 5537

If you need more info please let me know.

Thank you all for your time.



Ok so I did a little bit of testing as I am in the process of finding a suitable replacement for Ubuntu, I tried to install Fedora with gnome and both monitors were recognized but when I tried to do it with xfce well things went down the drain, so ok I thought to my self try out another distro and see will it work, installed Debian 7 with not gui and than installed xfce latter on same problem, I do believe that the problem is not the OS but rather instead xfce DE.


OK - can you work with VESA? Because I know only this way - using virtualisation - VirtualBox/... you can test HW on low-level... (Google - FASM VESA switch into protected mode...)


Got it done by reinstalling over and over again, always the same way at some point of time it jsut worked out. Thank you all for your time and effort.


I had incredibly annoying multihead problems on xfwm4 (default xfce window manager currently) and openbox, specially with resolutions higher than 1360x768; my 1080p external monitors would go crazy beyond that, even set up as single/first display.

I configured every single aspect manually via xrandr and xorg.conf, again and again, with and without AMD defaults, but I didn't reach an ideal outcome on xfwm4. Gnome also works just fine for me. I'm also using a 64 bit OS on a laptop as my main system.

KISS advice: stick to a window manager that works with your multi-display system without comprehensive tweaking, at least when you need an extra monitor. You can install both Gnome and XFCE, logging into whichever is most versatile for your purposes (xfce sure will drain battery slower, for instance).
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