External HDD issues after PC shutdown


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After shutting down my PC (Linux) my external HDD are still spinning and I do not understand why and how to solve this issue. This only occurs with Linux not with Windows. Are there any Linux options how to handle external HDD? Do I need to enable or disable something specific? Also another HDD that uses its own power supply do not change into standby mode and gets messed up (LED goes crazy) the power button to shut it down suddenly will not work either I have to unplug the power supply.

I am using dualboot win10/debian (got rid of Kubuntu LTS, its a hell of a mess). It happened with Kubuntu and still happens with Debian, I guess its a Linux related issue rather a distro one.

- external HDD has NTFS format
- pretty much running a clean Linux installation no big system modifications regarding hibernation, power saving etc.
- I am using a PC not a Laptop
- 16GiB RAM, 4GiB Swap partition
- Dualboot, same USB Port, behaves fine with Windows but not with Linux after pc shutdown.
- Not a Bios problem (I am aware my PCs still provides power even turned off as I said HDD getting turned off after shutting down Windows, how its supposed to be.)
- PC is turned off not in standby/hibernation

I'm pretty sure I need to config some Linux external HDD recognition? UUID? Hibernation power saving configuration? Might be probably a simple Problem-Solution so sorry about my question.

I am a Linux Noob after all.
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Are there any Linux options how to handle external HDD?
G'day and welcome to the site.
"What is the brand of external HDD?"
The formatting has no effect on the software that controls the HDD that only effects the discs and how they are set-up so that the computer can read and write to it.

It is very strange that it should park itself and shut down after a windows session but not after a Linux session.
What version of Vindows are you running? As I done a dual boot with Win 7 and Linux Mint and did not encounter that problem..

You could trying looking in your accessories tab and find discs and open that and see what it says about your ext.HDD, both of them. Also have a look at the SMART check of the disc that will tell you the health of your HDD and the state of the parameters of the disc.

I run LM 19.2. with a Seagate ext. HDD connected to the PC.
Sorry I cannot be more helpful as I am no guru with the system but a beginner like you. :(

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