Extend your tablet with Virtscreen


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Nov 20, 2020
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Hello, I would like to share with you (you have helped me also a lot in past) a solution which I have found to extend your tablet with your desktop. The solution was tested on Ubuntu 20.04. LTS. Ok let's go:

1. At first you need to download and install the virtscreen .deb package from this link
and issuing the following commands mentioned in this link
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install x11vnc
sudo dpkg -i virtscreen.deb
rm virtscreen.deb
2. On your android tablet (works also with iPad) install a VNC viewer. I am using bVNC Free.
3. Start the Virtscreen app on your desktop or laptop
4. Set the width and height of your desktop in the display session and the port in the VNC section which also contains all IP's in your betwork. You can determine your available resolutions and ports of your display by issuing
$ inxi -G
5. Check if in the advanced tab there is the VIRTUAL1 option enabled.
6. If there is no VIRTUAL1 option available follow this solution of @kbumsik
7. Enable the virtual screen and start the VNC Server
8. Setup the VNC viewer on your tablet as explained here
9. If after the connection has established your cursor gets stucked at the left border of your tablet try this solution by @seffs

WOALA you can now extend your desktop to your tablet like you would have two monitors.

Hope you like it :).