Ever dreamed of a 30TB hard drive?

Yeah, okay.......but that's hardly home-user territory yet, now is it? Until it does become so, this stuff is strictly enterprise territory, and you know it as well as I do...

Unless you're lucky enough to work in data center, or know someone. I do have a HP Proliant DL380 G10 here.
Admittedly it doesn't have TB or RAM and PB of storage, but 384GB RAM isn't bad, and almost 3T SSD
storage isn't bad. All less than 5 years old. Two on board 10G NICs. ( I don't have a 10G switch, so... )

In time that kind of storage would be a big pay off IMO.

I'm too occupied to verify, but I think you'll find it's being tested at companies like BackBlaze, DropBox, and similar. By the way, BackBlaze publishes their observations with regard to disk longevity.

(I'm still not here. I'll be here later today, after sleep. I'll sleep in another 8 to 9 hours. It's the N24!)
A 20TB HDD costs $A899...so have I ever dreamed of a 30TB HDD...hell no.
You would be lucky if a 30TB hard drive would finish a badblocks run in 30 hours. If they don't get faster they get increasingly useless. You can't verify these to work correctly or retrieve data in any kind of reasonable time.
It doesn't look like even USB v4 is fast enough on the consumer side for 30TB.

Take it from me. I refused to buy pluggable media larger than 64GB because between Lexar and PNY it's bad enough. Trying to fill one of those babies which was USB v2.0 promised to take eight hours or longer. I thought it should have copied large files faster, shown that I was mistaken. Instead when the "typical" Linux OS copies files to an USB v3.1 disk plugged into USB v2.0 port, it tends to send the stuff into RAM, and then it becomes irritating and noticeable when that pluggable disk has to be ejected.

USB v3 media doesn't seem to last very long anymore. I had two drives fail me this year, they seem to want to be plugged only into "Super Speed" ports or they prefer Windows.:mad:

A bit off-topic: I would like to get a "gamer's" SSD which is 256GB but it costs like one dollar per gigabyte excluding taxes. I don't know how to install it on a computer that has a device Linux calls "/dev/mmcblk".
That should really be a question of need, but with a correspondingly large collection of 8K videos, it would be a very sensible investment. Personally, I try wherever possible to stem the flood of data or to prevent it from happening.
it is either a Mmmc flash drive or a M2 socket drive [not a standard ssd. ] be aware M2 sockets come in several forms, some will only take M2 SSD, others will take an M2 NVMe [much faster]

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