Ethernet connection kaput


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Apr 30, 2017
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EDIT TO ADD: 8 hours later
This began with a freeze....using Thunderbird at that time.
reisub had no effect
Whether this is a problem with Thunderbird or a kernel issue (which may be fixed by the kernel release/update just prior to my typing this?...time will tell)

Ethernet cable is proven ok….plugged into a laptop and is perfect
Other pc’s around the house are all good

Thunderbird mail misbehaved at the same time….I am unsure which misbehaved first…thunderbird or the Ethernet connection.
This has happened a few times in the last 3 weeks or so. On each of those occasions, the connection “fixed itself”

What commands do I run to narrow the problem down ?

It has been down for an hour and a half…. I am beginning to have withdrawal symptoms !
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That particular problem, I have solved.

I proceeded on the assumption that my instinct re Thunderbird mail was correct.........So......I picked a Timeshift snapshot taken at 11am this morning (the problem occurred at 5.30 pm this afternoon), and Restored to it.
Instant connection to internet via the Ethernet cable was the result.

Now I am left with deciding what to do with Thunderbird.

Seeing I have not had this problem before the 115.10.1 whicthunderbirdh was installed on the 25th April 2024, I can only assume that the latest update is the problem.

I will continue using it. I have disabled an unused add on in Thunderbird...'Autoarchive Reloaded'

Time will tell.

Does anyone know how to drop back a version of Thunderbird?....bearing in mind that Thunderbird is part of the Software Manager......there are two 'thunderbirds' in software is the fill download and the other is a gnome support package for the initial download.

What a pita

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