Errors when installing elementary on Lenovo ideapad 5


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Jan 17, 2021
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Hi There,

Hoping some one can help me out. I am new to installing linux on a pc. I got a new lenovo ideapad 5. I am trying to install elementary using a boot usb created with rufus as mentioned in the website. I get the errors that I attached in the screen shot. I would really appreciate any ideas to solve this.
The error with the TPM goes away if I disable the intel trust. I read in forums about disabling fast boot but that option is not there in my bios screen(screenshots attached).
I also tried with secure boot disabled and got the same errors.


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I forget where it is for Elementary - but I'm pretty sure it's an E. That you need to press E sometime during one of the boot choices...

At some point during the boot, there's a spot for 'advanced options' or similar.

Basically, you want to see if adding 'noapic' as a boot parameter will get you into the OS. If it does, it's considered a temporary solution.

Your computer is new, so full kernel support may not be in the kernel Elementary has. You can try a rolling release distro with a new kernel just to check to see if that helps. You don't have to install it - you can just test to see if it boots and works.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed might do well enough for testing that.
Hi there,

Thank you for the reply. I got elementary working by pressing ctrl+alt+f1 and going into the shell. Then had to do a lot of manual package installations. I ended up having various kinds of issues with display, audio etc.. Mine is intel graphics and not nvidia - may be that's causing the trouble. Anyway I decided to go for ubuntu instead and it worked. Thanks!

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