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Aug 16, 2022
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Hello everyone !

I just installed Ubuntu on my pc, and everything went pretty well. But when i start my pc, before anything happens, i have these messages that appear :


I'm really new to this so i don't know what that means... After that the system starts correctly and i can use my pc with Ubuntu, but this is still annoying since it slows the things down...

I installed Linux Mint cinnamon right before that and i had the same messages, but I really think I made the install properly.

So what are those errors ? And how could i fix them ?

Thanks you !

These are not serious and should not cause any problems, only annoyance
ACPI errors usually can only be resolved by BIOS/UEFI update, but this is by no way Guaranteed
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Open the terminal.

Copy and paste the output between code tags.
Click on the 3 vertical dots next to the smiley face.

Gnome GUI used in Ubuntu 22.04.1 could be what is slowing your computer down depending on your computer's hardware specs.
The Gnome GUI is very resource demanding.

As @Brickwizard posted and I quote "These are not serious and should not cause any problems".
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