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hi everyone i am new to this i wanted to try a new os other than windows so i need your help .i am using a dell 7010 64bit i installed linux mint 14 and all i get is error code: ssl error no cypher overlap and 404 not found also i cannot upgrade?please help


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Hi @cecil thats not nearly enough to work with.

Never quote code just copy and past it straight from the horses mouth as we used to say. if you paraphrase it you are already filtering to your thinking of the output.

Can you elaborate why Mint 14 when latest is around 20 ? A 64 bit Pc is likely to be fairly new compared to say a Pentium II 32 bit.

Full specs down to coffee stain on touchpad . 404 is a http response web page not found , what is the "context" of that .

Whats on your HD apart from old mint ?


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Linux Mint 14 is way beyond EOL. I would start with something more recent such as Mint 19, or one of the *buntus like 18.04 or 20.04. The Linux Mint 14 repos for updates are closed, so depending on what you were doing, it would probably explain the 404.

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