End of Windows?


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The downfall of Windows has been predicted for a couple of decades, if not more.

It hasn't happened yet. I see no reason to believe it's going to happen any time soon. So much hardware still only cares about being workable with Windows. So much business is still done on Windows.

Frankly, people even legitimately like Windows and know of the alternatives. I'm unlike some Linux users, in that I don't mind if proprietary software exists. I feel people should be allowed to choose proprietary software if they want to. I use some, because it does the job I need it to do.


Windows is here to stay. It works better than ever, it becomes better and better every day, and giving the developers the kind of development environment they want (WSL), there's no reason to think otherwise.


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Windows is still a cash cow for MS. It may look different, and may even have a new name, but Windows is not going anywhere.

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I agree Windows is here to stay and I have to say that the little bit I do use Windows 10 it does seem to be improving and does work well.

Hard core gamers are always going to use Windows for gaming because games are made for Windows OS always has been and always will be.

Steam and Proton they somewhat work with Linux although sometimes way problematic or just doesn't run.

I like Flight Simulators and have many of them, X-Plane being one of them and it does run on Linux but a royal PITA to install and setup and run and pretty much sucks not to mention the graphics support for Linux ain't always the best.

It will be interesting to see what this collaboration of Canonical and Microsoft evolves into.

I've always been one for keeping Linux as it is however Canonical and Microsoft are going to make it happen so I can only sit back and watch.

I ain't never had any problems or issues with Microsoft OSs back in the days of Windows XP or Windows Vista so I guess wait and see what happens because I believe it's going to.


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I do not see windows going away however what I have noticed is Microsoft shifting focus toward cloud technology. Notice the switch in their certifications and the focus on Azure. Windows isn't going away but I think there will be less improvements and updates as there has been in the past as they focus more and more on the cloud and the PaaS model.

I think more and more businesses will also transition to the VDI working environment and Microsoft will capitalize on that and most of their enhancements will be there.


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I personally think that the article has a good point; however, this article seems to remove the idea.

Despite whatever Hayden Barnes says now, I still believe that anything can happen.


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I hope Windows stays and it's not a war it's just working towards getting developers to full support on both Windows and Gnu/Linux. If Windows were to disappear Linux would become the next Windows, and then we would all have to move to BSD.

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