Enable Ubuntu Security Status Check by Command Line or Deb Install

Eddie Paul Litz

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There's a deb package that you install either command line or deb install that let's you use the command "ubuntu-security-status" but I can't remember the name of it. Can you help figure the name of the package please?

Lord Boltar

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Run This
dpkg -S $(which ubuntu-security-status)
you should see an output like
update-manager-core: /usr/bin/ubuntu-security-status
it is part of update-manager-core which should be installed by default

to execute it open the terminal and run
this is mine

2049 packages installed, of which:
1609 receive package updates with LTS until 4/2025
313 could receive security updates with ESM Apps until 4/2030
3 packages are from third parties
124 packages are no longer available for download

Packages from third parties are not provided by the official Ubuntu
archive, for example packages from Personal Package Archives in
For more information on the packages, run 'ubuntu-security-status

Packages that are not available for download may be left over from a
previous release of Ubuntu, may have been installed directly from a
.deb file, or are from a source which has been disabled.
For more information on the packages, run 'ubuntu-security-status

Enable Extended Security Maintenance (ESM Apps) to get 1 security
update (so far) and enable coverage of 313 packages.

This machine is not attached to an Ubuntu Advantage subscription.
See https://ubuntu.com/advantage


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You can also do it like this but using dpkg is faster if you don't have apt-file installed.
apt-file search ubuntu-security-status
update-manager-core: /usr/bin/ubuntu-security-status
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