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Oct 22, 2018
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I installed postfix, postfix.admin with dovecot on Ubuntu 18.04. Configured one MX record, SPF, DKIM and DMARC. When I send emails to gmail, they go to SPAM folder, but passed tests on gmail with SPF, DKIM, DMARC. I don't see any error info. On emails have 10/10 points. On SpamAssasin I have -2 points. What can I change or double check to prevent emails going to SPAM folder in gmail?

I checked blacklisted on mxtoolbox and none list say my IP are marked. I even add my domain to white list.
Spam Assassin itself may actually be the problem.

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke humming "Spammer Hammer, where is Stan?" repeatedly)

G'day @asi@lh and welcome to :)

For the larger part, this Thread is above my paygrade, however I have some anecdotal experience which might be of assistance.

About 3 years ago (I use Peach OSI, Debian-based) as one of 60 - 80 Distros I run at home.

Peach is by Jim Carpenter, and at that time, I was locked out of Peach's website, where I wanted to download something.

I had Jim's email and brought it to his attention.

Seems he had had a number of DDoS attacks in recent times, and was lining up the perpetrators via Spam Assassin to be blocked.

As Murphy's Law would have it, I was trying to access the site at the same time as he was doing this, and my IP got blacklisted by Spam Assassin, hence the lockout.

Jim tweaked the software, and I was allowed back in.

Old experience, but might be a clue?

Cheers and Good Luck

Chris Turner
I don't see any errors on mail.log.
I see only "
Received: from [] ( []) (using TLSv1.2 with cipher ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 (256/256 bits)) (Client did not present a certificate)", in e-mail header dekivered to GMAIL. But I don't now how to fix that ;/
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So what subproducts did you need to prepare good spells?
Whatever subproducts I'm using, they ain't working well enough to provide an answer for you :)

Wish I knew more about the subject, my area of expertise is in multi-multi-booting Linux (80 to 100 at a time, typically).

We have a British Member @JasKinasis who is a legend in many areas, he might have some ideas that benefit (my use of @ will get his ears burning).

Other than that, and throwing this in here, is this article of any use to you?

Cheers from Oz, out for the evening.