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Ebooks please ...

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by McCody, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. McCody

    McCody Guest

    I have download three ebook for linux namely:
    1.LINUX-FUN by paul cobbaut
    2.LINUX-ADM by paul cobbaut
    3.LINUX-SERV by paul cobbaut...

    I have started reading these books serially as above.. is it ok for the way i am going to learn the command lines and
    administration and server versions....:cool:
  2. dadizzle

    dadizzle Guest

    Im no Linux Guru, but i would probably switch 2 and 3 around. My thoughts are: How are you going to Adm A Serv if you dont have enough knowledge about a Serv. I would think that learning the Serv would come first.
  3. McCody

    McCody Guest

    Dude but in the Linux Adm.. its all about Command line to control the processes and alll....
    and in the Linux Serv. is all about samba.. and such other thing so....i have decided to go seriallly... please correct me if i am going wrong...

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