Dual Monitor Low Resolution on one monitor


Apr 9, 2019
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I installed mint 19.1 xfce on my Lenovo M93p Tiny in a new partition as a dual boot beside an existing Windows 10 install.
I have dual identical monitors, Dell 23" that function in a 1920 x 1080 ( Recommended ) resolution in windows 10.
In the Mint os, only one monitor is recognized as "Dell 23". The other is identified as "Monitor".
Default resolution at boot for both monitors is 1024 x 768
I can change the "Dell 23" identified to 1920 x 1080, but "Monitor" will only allow max of 1024 x 768.
How do I interpret this information and change the resolution on " Monitor" to a matching 1920 x 1080 ?


Just caught up with this one Eugor, back my time tomorrow :D

Well, That question helped me solve the issue. Short story, Win10 tolerated the VGA extension cable, Mint did not like it.
I had an extension on the problem monitor. I removed the extension and it recognized and resolution autoset properly for both.
I have DP out thru adapter to VGA in on the one that worked fine.
I have VGA out (was) thru VGA extension, to VGA in on the one that gave issue.
Problem Solved, Thank you both.
im having that kind of issue too.
2 different monitors. an old vga and a newer hdmi
vga is 1600*900-60hz, hdmi is 1920*1080-60hz
for obscure reasons, ubuntu sends a 1024*768-95hz signal to the vga, witch the monitor cant display

hdmi is fine thou.

vga is conected with a dvi adapter.
my gpu doesnt have a vga port anymore. (gtx970)

i plugged another shorter cable and it went as supposed to.
dont really understand.
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@l2k ...if that is an issue for you, please start a new topic :)

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