Dual Booting causing failure to boot into either OS


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Hello, am hoping someone here can help me out with this please....

For a week I was booting into Linux (Lubuntu 18.04 persistent install) , using a super fast Sandisk Extreme Pro usb drive, on a 2011 Windows 7 host machine. (MBR, bios).

I have experienced a few times since I began dual booting in this way, that the machine failed to boot, regardless of what system I was trying to boot into. No logo flashed up, just a black screen. I tried waiting for 15 minutes once, but the machine didn't manage to sort itself out.

Each time it happened I shutdown using the power button, and removed the USB but this didn't help. When powered up again still just a black screen.
When this happens power light shows power is on. I can hear sounds of the system working. Then silence.

I found a temporary fix (after shutting down, remove power cord, external keyboard, mouse, and screen, remove battery, hold power button down 15 secs). My first question is whether continuing like this could eventually permanently destroy the ability of my laptop to boot again?

Haven't booted into Lubuntu for a few days, and the issue hasn't occurred.

The machine and peripherals are the same as I used when dual booting with Mint Cinnamon for a few months last year. Lubuntu is fresh install on same USB, which was completely re-formatted.

Secondly, is there a way to fix the issue so the laptop always boots?

Although I have had some previous experience of dual-booting, best to treat me as a beginner, as I am a self taught home user regarding anything computer related, and have large chunks of knowledge missing.



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I am a self taught home user regarding anything computer related, and have large chunks of knowledge missing.
Sounds like me.

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke)

G'day from DownUnder, @Jaylu and welcome to linux.org :)

Mate let's just clarify a few points -
  1. Is Win 7 the only OS installed to your hard drive?
  2. And you have either a full install of Lubuntu to the USB stick, or you have Lubuntu burned to the stick, with Persistence enabled?
  3. Or other?
  4. Have you got your Win7 Recovery plan in place (with an install DVD or USB stick), and your personal data safeguarded, in case anything heads south for the winter?
  5. Can you give us the specs of the lappie? eg Brand, Name and Model Number?
I'd also like to see some info from your Windows 7, as per the following article - scroll down to the part saying Method 2


I'll be around for an hour or so before I have to start cooking tea, then back tomorrow.

Meanwhile we have a number of very capable people who might come along to help.


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Win 64 system info.jpg

Thanks for your reply, do you prefer people here call you Chris or Wizard of Oz? How about Wizard for short :)
It's a legacy bios, definitely not UEFI, sorry I didn't make that clear.
I've only got windows 7 on my hard drive. Lubuntu is a full install on a USB stick, not a live one.
Laptop is an Asus EEPC 1215B.
Yes, I've got various recovery options, and full backup. Was just about to make a fresh one, then when I had the abovementioned troubles I decided just to use windows for a few days to see whether it was running ok or not, while waiting for new backup drive to arrive.


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G'day @Jaylu Welcome to the community.
I be just a watchin' to learn as I have no real experience to speak of dual booting a computer.
I notice that you come from the Eastern side of the Land Down Under, where my dreaming began as well.

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