Dual Boot with Windows installed. BIOS mode: Legacy


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I need instructions on how to place Linux Mint 20.1 alongside Windows 10; with a dual boot in place.
I have a gparted disc; and a Linux Mint 20.1 install disc.


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last time i did it (Slackware and Windows ) first i did a defrag from running Windows first. Not sure what the thoughts are about that these days. The idea then was to reduce scattered stuff on the disk for preparation for shrinking .

If you have Linux Mint iso that boots live ; hopefully gParted program is also there.

At least you are installing Linux After Windows, which i believe is the best order.
Now my dry humour kicks in and i'm going to quote Donald Rumsfeld.
"There are known knowns" - you want to install Linux next to Windows
"There are known unknown's - how large is your hard disk. Can you post a screen shot of what gParted shows
&and there are unknown unknowns- only the psychic amongst us on here know that .Except maybe we don't know if you've read that after installing Linux it may "appear" that you "lost"Windows but that would not be the case
open up Disk Manager > right click volume > shrink
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As previously mentiond , start by cleaning up your windows, deleat any old files folders and other junk you no longer need, run your Antivirous and regestry cleaner [both in safe mode] re boot and run de-frag this can take all night depending on the size of disc and when it was last done, installing mint is simple, boot your installation media [pendrive/dvd] to run live , test that everything works ok [sound graphics, blue tooth, wi-fi, if your happy hit the install button when asked select install alongside windows and go, you will be sked about partitioning the drive [let it do it automatically] you will also be asked during install , if you wish to install non free/proprietary drivers say yes enter and follow the instructions, this is the method I have used on all the machines where people have kept windows and added Linux



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Before you install Linux Mint you will have to shrink your Windows partition to make room for your Linux installation.

To do that go into Disk Management and shrink your Windows partition.
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