Dual boot system, Windows 10 internet not working, Linux internet working


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Oct 11, 2018
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I'll try to keep it short, Real quick, this is the shit show I have going on, my system when you turn it on, I have the chose of choosing Windows 10, or Linux 18.1 Mint. Then at 2am, cable company does a system update, they said, I'd be back up in a few hours, when I woke up, Internet is down, and Ethernet connection not showing at all(page completely blank, not showing icon as well), and , they switched out the modem, and still nothing. I can connect to Internet from Linux, but not in Windows. I got to get Windows to connect to Internet, can I do it through Linux some how?.
I've tried everything all Youtube vid's and forums, and can't get the right answer.
When someone has a moment, could I please get some help, I know people have lives! :)
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Welcome to Linux.org

Not sure if this will help at all......TRY THESE
I got to get Windows to connect to Internet, can I do it through Linux some how?
Hi @minorthreat7, and welcome! The answer to this question is no. Linux cannot help you connect to the internet from Windows (but we're glad to hear that Linux is still working for you). Also, we are not a Windows help and support site, so we may not be your best hope. But perhaps some folks can offer some advice, as @Condobloke has above.

You've probably already tried this, but about the only suggestion I might could offer would be to power down your computer and your internet modem and/or router. Restart the modem/router first, give it a bit of time, then start up Windows. Making the internet connection with ethernet should be fairly simple, even for Windows. :D

Good luck!
Hi again, and again, Ben, and welcome :)

Ben and I met via email from my Blog and then via a Conversation he initiated once joining here.

Ben sorry I could not get back sooner, and thanks for the

...I know people have lives! :)

At least you've got to meet Stan (@atanere ) and Brian (@Condobloke ) and Brian is a fellow Aussie.

Both these good folks know more about Windows in recent years than I. I've been running totally Linux for a little over 4 years, only have Win 10 now (until it gives me the shits) because it shipped with the new Dell Inspiron, but I have 15 Linux on it now, and the number will slowly continue to rise.

Good luck, and if there is anything I can contribute, I will o_O

Chris Turner

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