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Mar 13, 2022
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I recently installed Kodachi Linux with Windows 10 dual boot. After some time, dual boot disappeared and now only Windows 10 boot when I turn on laptop. What can I do to bring back Kodachi?

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Did you do a Windows update just before you lost your Linux? W10 is notorious for certain updates breaking Linux boot, and in some cases wiping the Linux partition completely, so let us hope its not the latter,
first possible solution, reboot to open bios, look for windows quick start and make sure it is disabled, and re-boot Has grub now appeared? If so open Linux and then in a terminal run sudo update-grub
if that did not work then the next solution re-install grub
This has happened to me too. Hold down shift when you click the restart button and select boot from drive and ten click Kodachi (make sure you hold the shift at the same time you click restart.

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