Driver Support & Security: AMD or Intel?


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Considering using either the i9-9900 (with its integrated Intel 630 GPU) or an AMD Ryzen 3200/3400g (with its integrated AMD Vega GPU). I know its apples to oranges, but I can get the 9900 for half the price, though I probably don't anything stronger than a 3200g.

Anyway, my question:

Which has better, stable, more consistent drivers support? I'll be installing Linux Arch most probably.

And how meaningful is the security difference between the two? Reason im asking is because 8 months ago on TomsHardware it was written:

"That leaves us with the question: Which company is more secure? The question might seem pedantic when we consider that Intel currently has 242 publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, while AMD has only 16 (a 15:1 difference in AMD’s favor), but both companies also have a full roster of special security-minded features."

Thanks a lot.

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