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Hi everyone, I recently installed Kali Linux and I am having some problems with Wi-Fi in finding the driver for my RTL8822CE network card. Typed the command "iwconfig" replies "no wireless extension".

Thanks to those who will be able to help me


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Same as I got --arochester

RTL8822x Firmware for GNU/Linux

The files in this repository are taken from Linux Mint 19.3 and will allow a Realtek RTL8822 b or c card to work on other distributions.

The files have been tested with Debian Live Testing ISO with non-free firmware included (

If you have trust issues, you can always boot with Mint 19.3 and take the files from there to use.


Log in with your favorite distribution, preferably with a new Kernel, as this has only been tested with 5.4+ Unload non-working modules from the Kernel, with:

modprobe -r rtwpci
modprobe -r rtw88

You can run lsmod to see if they are named somehow differently in your OS, in case you do not run Debian.

Copy the files from this repo to your system, change the kernel path as needed! Load the modules with modprobe rtw88 and the WiFi should work.

It is unclear to me whether the /usr files are needed or if everything will work with just the files under /lib. Feel free to open an issue about this.


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I have installed the driver as per nshamir90 recommended, and it worked...then I rebooted. Now I cannot gain access to the wifi, it says device not ready. I also tried to install using the link provided on juanro49 github, where he got it from...and lspci -nnk shows the driver in use, but still no wifi. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Zorin 15, Asus tuf gaming a17, asus bios 3.11, no fast boot, secure boot off


Found that because of the errors, according to, that not having rtw8822c_wow_fw.bin in the rtw88 folder meant thtat I needed to update my firmware to 1.187.2...once I did that, using the ubuntu mirror library of firmware everything worked. My firmware was. 1.173. Thank you for steering me in this direction and sharing the driver.
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