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Apr 18, 2021
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hello I have a LeNovo B50-10 nootbook everything is working properly except my bluetooth it does not recognize other bluetoth on the network i would like to know how i can solve this i have already installed bluetooth management applications but it does not work it has someone who can help with this i have Linux Mint 20.01 installed on the nootbook

If the Bluetooth window says “No Bluetooth adaptors found” then your computer can’t find a local Bluetooth radio with which to connect to other devices.

If this is the case, you will need to check that your Bluetooth device is correctly installed. If your Bluetooth adaptor is working, then you should see the statement ‘Visible as “<your device name>” and available for Bluetooth transfers. To change your device name, click the burger menu icon in the top-right, then click in the “Name” field.

Hope that helps.
I have the bluetooth icon in the corner it turns on everything so that when I try to search with Elenao it finds nothing I can't pair it with the phone's bluetoothe
Looking at the output of lsusb you have a chicony Electronics Co Ltd Bluetooth Radio.

The drivers are on this page for your Lenovo B50-10.

If you have trouble installing that driver because it won't compile see if you can find that driver as a .deb package and install it that way.
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