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I am using xubuntu.

I like to use not only fireFox but also google chrome.

(1) I download the google chrome.

(2) I click the down arrow at the top-left of the fireFox browser.

(3) I can see the downloaded file. it is google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb and its size is 56.7MB.

(4) when I click the chrome file, a pop is appear and It has install menu.

(5) when I click the install menu, it ask the xubuntu password.

(6) I enter the password correctly and submit it,
(7) Howerver it doesn't install.

What's the problem?
What did I wrong?
How can I install chrome?
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I open myFolder - download.
There are 2 files.

(1) The one is downloaded file

(2) The other is unpacked file

(3) I click the unpacked file. then a pop is appear. there is an install button on the pop

(4) I click the install button, then On the way of installing bar is seen with 0% completed and it ask the password with another pop.

whenever I enter wrong password and submit, then it says "authentification failed."
But when I enter the correct password. then it doesn't say "authentification failed."
So the password can't be wrong.

(5) I enter the password correctly and click the submit button.
Then, the password asking pop is just disappeared and the on the way of installing bar is also desappeared.
AND the install button is shown again.

It is like infinite looping

If I can't get any hint through this forum, I, in my think, may have to install the Xunbuntu again.

if I click the downloaded file, it shows 4 directories
(dir1) /home/dotKer/download/google-chrome-stable_current_amd64/DEBIAN

in (dir1), it says "DEBIAN", but my linux is Xubuntu, not DEBIAN.
Is that a problem?
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I personally would never install something from Google on my computer, so I can't tell you anything specifically about the Chrome install. There's an open source version of Chrome in the repositories that I would use before using Chrome, it's called Chromium. It's not the same thing but it's close.

Check out this article on how to install Chrome on Ubuntu.

BTW, Debian is what Unbuntu is based off of. So most, if not all, applications made for Debian run flawlessly on Ubuntu (and Xubuntu). The same can't be said though for the opposite.


I personally would never install something from Google on my computer,
I think there's some reasons why you don't like to install something from google.
if I know the reason, I would also do not install something from google like you
Can you tell me the reason a little?


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I mostly use brave browser now - though i'm still all google'd up w/ my android phone, the google homes around my house, etc..

I figure i'm not that interesting - and hey.. maybe they'll show me ads that i'm interested in instead of things i'm not! :) . lol


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That's one of the problems. They only show you things they've decided you'll be interested in. You don't get the choice. And they know what you're going to do before you do, and they know more about your uninteresting life than your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend does.
Brave is better but Firefox blocks all that crap or at least is trying.


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remember, it may seem uninsteresting to you, but it's worth mucha moola to companies like Cambridge Analytica. And if you're not securing your info, you're giving it away for free.

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