Does Ubuntu send any data to Canonical?


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Aug 2, 2019
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Canonocal is a company - not a non-profit organozation. Maybe they send data from your server/desktop to somewhere (Google, US/UK Goverment). How can I be sure that my data will never leak anywhere?
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They do, they send data to Amazon
How can I be sure that my data will never leak anywhere?
The world is a dangerous place. You can never be sure your data will never leak, just as you can never be sure that you will not be robbed or assaulted walking down the street. There are many things you can do to protect yourself, online or on the street, but there is no perfect security. And even if you implement the latest and greatest and best security measures... you can still be victimized. It doesn't need to be YOU that compromises your data... you can be exposed by your bank, your health insurer, your government, the companies you interact with (for-profit or non-profit alike), even the web sites you visit (porn?).

Sorry, I appear to have woke up on the doom-and-gloom side of the bed this morning! :eek:o_O:D

Good luck!
Unless you are doing something illegal no reason to be concerned about who's grabbing your data.

Everyone regardless of what they tell yo is polling you and collecting your data and has been for years gone by and will continue to do so.

I just don't worry about it and just don't care anymore as when everything is 100% cloud you won't own any of your data.

I'm an old and boring person so whoever collects my data and makes anything useful from it deserves what they get.:eek:o_O:oops::p