Does Linux play with Ebay?

You're completely correct, but that's not what I said...

Opera 15 is [just a] repackaged and rebranded chromium. It's not Opera or the presto engine, it's just chromium with Opera's branding and some other bells and whistles.

Opera went from being a distinct and relevant browser with a loyal following, to an irrelevant one.

I do not understand what you are trying to say. Could you elaborate?

I would suggest that the OP's thread has been hijacked enough...?

Opera 2.0 - 12.x : Proprietary browser based on Presto layout engine

Opera 15 + : FOSS and proprietary elements, based directly on chromium (which uses webkit/blink layout engine)

If you search the web you will find out all you need to know about the difference between Opera 12.x and Opera 15... my posts should then make more sense to you.
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I say as a former IT Desktop engineer that linux does not do friendly things with ebay bots. I am not a white hat either.
I have worked this out....

because using the upload window for images and choosing 'basic' up-loader you can only do one at a time...which is a pain.

if you choose the 'standard' uploader, where you can upload multiple images, your linux (mine is debian) cannot see the images in the folder or memory card etc.

The reason is uppercase '.JPG' on the image files, when on the camera or memory card.

They need to be lowercase '.jpg' files - no difference just the type, copy the files to your machine and rename all to lower case 'suffix' or 'name and suffix'

Its thats easy...but without this thread, I would not have worked it out :)

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