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Docker desktop for linux?


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At work I have a macbook running osx and a macbook running Linux.. I also just started with a different team that heavily uses kubernetes.

One thing I really like in OSX is the docker menu in the panel where I can quickly switch between clusters. I've since found kubectx (see other thread) but do wish we had it in Linux as well, but all I can find is docker ce?

Is there a 3rd party tool that mimics that docker desktop feature, but made for linux?

I'm using xfce btw..


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I haven't used Docker, but I searched and found


and in part, it says, of Dockstation:

Multiple Docker Clusters
If you click the pencil icon next to the current cluster address, you will notice that you can add more, making Dockstation useful for managing more than one cluster in the same interface. It also provides a search field to look for particular images or containers across all those clusters.
If that is the sort of functionality you are looking for, then see




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