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Do you like Ubuntu's Unity interface?

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by lucasbytegenius, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    After it has been themed extensively. With many customizations, yet
    Unity is nice. But I am a KDE guy.... Unity is my second favourite.

  2. It has been a while (about 6 months) since I used KDE. Is it more stable now? The last time I used it, it seemed more unstable than the first version of Unity.
  3. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    KDE 4.11 is an LTS release. Very stable, very fast. That PM I sent you, it has KDE...
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  4. flunwyc

    flunwyc Guest

    I've seen no serious problems with KDE 4.x since at least version 4.8 - very solid. You just need to turn off all the akonadi crap.
  5. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    plasmapkg is slightly broken in 4.11.1... so my comic app does not work for the moment. The only issue I have had with KDE.
  6. Machin Shin

    Machin Shin Guest

    I personally don't care for it. I will admit I used it a while back and they might have fixed some things though. It really annoyed me though that it has pretty much zero user customization. Want the bar on the other side, top or bottom, well too bad. Don't like that it auto-hides, well get over it. Only thing I could find to customize was the desktop background.

    This really wouldn't have been such a big deal other than the stupid auto-hide that bar was doing. Made it so that I open the web browser and the side bar hides. That is all well and good, BUT then I go to click the back button and right before I click... out pops that bar making me launch some random program.

    I pretty quickly left Ubuntu and went back to Slackware. Sure Slack can make you spend hours reading manuals, but at least it doesn't lock you out of everything treating you like a child.
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  7. zainka

    zainka Guest

    No. Its a waste of time and remains me of another OS, which name I don not mention, an their new makeover. However, I guess that says more about me than the actuall WM. I tend to spend more time on getting "more on less" and just recently fell in love with Slitaz and its marvelous simplicity. For the relationship between me and Ubuntu its only the xUbuntu that counts
  8. ZZs

    ZZs Guest

    Yeah I like it, but I started on it so I was willing to use it. Once I configure it to my liking it was great. I disabled web access from the search feature, added apps to the launch pad, setup a system monitor and a few other tweeks. They changed the file manager to one I didn't prefer but I used it. I did crash it once and I had to reload it, but its Software Center that I had most issues with ubuntu.
  9. unixfish

    unixfish Guest

    It is - good enough. I never really clicked with Gnome 2.x, and the older versions of KDE I tried were buggy.

    I have clients that use Ubuntu - servers, mind you, but still - so I stick to Ubuntu so I have a better in-roads with systems and setup. Yeah, I get the difference for server based is minimal. But it all comes back to -

    Unity is good enough.
  10. Yesyesloud

    Yesyesloud Guest

    Unity is good looking, but I find Gnome 3 prettier and faster - plus, its window area is larger. A matter of personal taste, anyway.
  11. MikeyD

    MikeyD Guest

    I may have to try it out again.
    I remember when Unity first came out and I hated it, it weighed down my netbook like crazy and the side nav bar used to be take forever to scroll. Haven't been back on Ubuntu since.

    I still want to try enlightenment too. I've heard good things but never used it.
  12. Yes, i kinda liked the new interface but i still believe that the old one was much cool.
  13. I really don't like the unity interface on ubuntu. i would preffer on the Gnome desktop or the MATE.
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