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When I first started using Linux (Ubuntu) I decided to just do a full install. The PC I installed it on, was full of viruses and to be honest, I was never good handling them. So, I decided to just go for it and install.

Anyways I got another computer recently, a much newer one and I decided to dual boot Windows Vista with Ubuntu 10.04. Well it didn't last long because I didn't favor the Windows side of the boot.

Well, do you guys dual boot with other operating systems?

I have in the past but honestly I often just remote desktop onto the Windows Machine in the other room when it wasn't being used; usually for gaming. This is gives me the versatility of switching between the two as if I were running a virtual machine without the added overhead on the main machine.

The only issue is that there might be a delay on high FPS games. I don't use Windows for much else so I just borrow a machine. :D

As for other Linux Distros I've done that as well. I have Ubuntu on my harddisk but generally often I'll boot from cd into ram and set /home/ to /dev/sda1/home. This is great because I can just boot whatever distro I want and have all my files and settings.

When BTRFS becomes stable, and assuming they keep the root profile feature we'll be able to have multiple distros on one partition. It's kind of like if grub could use chroot and then boot from a given directory on the partition except its not the chroot command because its a grub thing.

Actually what bootloader are they testing BTRFS with?, Anyone know?
I don't use windows at home, but have to for certain portions of my job. I typically have a windows VM for that kind of thing. I will use the VM when I am required to and use Linux for everything else. This method has worked well for me for quite a while.
I used to dual boot with Windows XP. That was when I was playing WoW. Now my gaming pc is dead. So it's all work and no play on my Linux notebook.
Atm booting fedora 16, open suse 12.1 and a small win partition for my kids with wow installed on it. That all on i5 like charm so far
I once dual booted SuSe with WinME as I made a pet project out of debugging WinME as everybody said it couldn't be done. Turned that OS into a tight ship and sold it to a client. Haven't dual booted since that achievement. Every computer in my possession since then has always been just for Linux. :)
dual boot

I always have until now. I got sosick of windows problems that i recently decided to challenge myself: for the next 6 months i will not use anything but Linix. Not on my cmputers, not on anyone elses beyond clients, and not even in a virtualbox. At the end of 6mo i can eother go back to dual boot, or keep to strictly linux.
Yes I always dual boot opearting system such as XP and Bodhilinux right now. its beacause some software I'm using don't work with linux such as market samurai for SEO. :D even with wine.
True enhu, but there are always alternatives. Most hosts and content management sites have extensions for Sep that work well in Linux. I have never in 10 yrs found a windows program I couldn't either make work on Linux or find an alternative for. Have you tried crossover? It's like wine on steroids. sells it. But you can get a fully functional trial too
I dual boot the Linux distro, Ubuntu. Along with Windows 7. I just think it's better than having one operating system. I am really big when it comes to games, and Linux doesn't really have that much to offer when it comes to that field. If that wasn't the case, then I'd have Windows 7 uninstalled in a heartbeat. ;-)
Yeah, i have Windows 7 installed on my Primary partition and Ubuntu installed on secondary.

So basically i dual boot between Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04. Ubuntu is a life saver at times when Windows fails to function, i had issues with Windows before and tried to sort it out via Ubuntu. It think both of them are a great combination for your notebook or Desktop PC.
yes, totally agree with this,... many times i trouble shooted when my system got prob with dual boot..
i nevr used ubuntu i used only rhel6...
I am really considering dual booting Linux with windows, just because there are some programs i really want to run that Linux cannot do. Although i made the switch from windows to Linux about a year ago and i could not be happier. Linux is so much better than windows and i am always trying to tell my friends to get it. lol
Yes, I bought a laptop with built-in Windows 7. I use it mainly for gaming about three or four times per month.

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