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Do you also do graphics?

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by enhu, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. enhu

    enhu Guest


    Been creating logos and banner for awhile now using Gimp and Inkscape. I didn't earn much through it though as I'm not that really great at it. Dyou think these graphic software will later eventually be preferred by companies?

  2. I used to use GIMP, and recently switched to Photoshop, which is so much better.
    I don't think GIMP or Inkscape will ever be preferred by companies until they outshine the Adobe suite.
  3. enhu

    enhu Guest

    Just what I thought too.
    What do you think should the GIMP devs do to improve and outshine Photoshop besides making GIMP FREE?
  4. FiLeVeR10

    FiLeVeR10 Guest

    I've been using GiMP and Inkscape for years professionally.

    The only issue I've had with GiMP is that it saves smaller web sized images at a larger size with less clarity than photoshop (typically happens with smaller images used for buttons and such, even when you add the "save for web" plugin to it), however for anything larger it's been fine. Though I use Inkscape/Illustrator for web design now anyway and just use GiMP/Photoshop to make the few things I may need it for, so that doesn't cause much of an issue for me anymore.

    Inkscape can definitely work as an illustrator alternative, just save your work as svg(the default), and it can even be opened with illustrator.

    I don't think the problem with linux graphics programs is that they're not as good, in fact in most cases they are better. The problem is that the programs haven't added new features in a long time, and there seems to be no effort to make GiMP, Inkscape, and Scribus better and make them work together as a suite. Aside from that, they would need to be able to import/work with adobe formats as well. (which GiMP does very well with photoshop files, you can even install photoshop brushes in it.)

    If that would happen, then making then common in the work place would not be much of a stretch.

    *edit: if anyone has issues using gimp, but not photoshop, try remapping all of the gimp shortcuts to the photoshop ones. Once I did that GiMP became a breeze to use.
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  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    There are plenty of people that can use Gimp well - it's just a steeper learning curve than photoshop. As FiLeVeR10 said, it's every bit as good as photoshop - you just need to learn how to use it correctly. It's more 'raw' than photoshop is.

    Gimp is made for the programmer-artknowlegable-linux-guy.. Photoshop is made for everyone else.
  6. tomfmason

    tomfmason Guest

    I only use gimp/inkscape and can do some truly awesome things with them imo. I agree that they have a bit steeper learning curve but they also do not cost an outrageous amount of money like ps.
  7. FiLeVeR10

    FiLeVeR10 Guest

    tomfmason, are you using them for professional work, or just in general?

    I have to be able to use Adobe as well to send things to printing companies and to pass things back and forth with marketing firms. I just use GiMP and Inkscape when I'm the only one that needs to edit the files, or whenever it won't make a difference.
  8. tomfmason

    tomfmason Guest

    FiLeVeR10, I am a freelance web developer by trade and when I don't sub out my design work I use them. The real reason that I no longer use the adobe products is that after a tornado I lost a product key for Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium and getting a replacement was a real pita. I don't really remember what I paid for it but I think it was in the neighborhood of $1800. I was so disgusted with the whole ordeal that I decided to boycott it completely.
  9. FiLeVeR10

    FiLeVeR10 Guest

    tomfmason, certainly don't blame you for that; the cost is pretty outrageous. My employer buys me whatever software I need, so I have the full CS5.5 right now.

    When I do freelance work I typically use GiMP and Inkscape. but I still use adobe to save the files because it gives me smaller sizes and more clarity. Also, since Inkscape doesn't have a lot of saving options, I'll import my work from it into illustrator to finish things up and save the files, or just use Illustrator completely and skip them all together...
  10. enhu

    enhu Guest

    xcf files can also be open in Photoshop right?
    I find Inkscape a lot better than illustrator as user can clear draw freely in it. learned inkscape through screencasters.heathenx.org :D
  11. johnanne

    johnanne Guest

    Graphic design is important to design website. There are many different software to design website like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and many more. Graphic design help to make website attractive and innovative.
  12. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I use GIMP. Recently I came across Xara Xtreme. It has been ported to Linux. When I tried it, I am reminded of CorelDraw. Has anyone tried Xara Xtreme?
  13. goo

    goo Guest

    Ya its an important touse for a certain thing//;/......

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