Do I Need Software to do a YouTube Live Stream?

Snort McDork

Apr 4, 2020
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I've never done a Live Stream before, but am interested in doing one. Have most settings done, but stuck on window that asks me about "live stream software" in Encoder.
Have seen tutorial but I'm stuck at what this window is asking me.
Hoping there is someone who has done this knows what I'm talking about.
Thank you.


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Thanks for getting back to me. Okay, I saw that on another webpage.
So I down load it, and then what do I do when window asked me to link it to "encoder"?

That's where I'm confused.
I don't remember doing much in the set-up. All I did was download it, then had to figure out what the streaming key was. At this point I'm super frustrated. So I looked at another website that had better instructions in a step-by-step manner. Other websites have been really crappy at guiding me through this. So it (youtube) wants me to copy and paste the "streaming key" from YouTube into a box on OBS. But when I went to the "stream" link on left the paste the stream key, there was no box to paste it into (on OBS). I don't know what GPU is.

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