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Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life and a wondeful-healthy 2020! :)

Almost every week I see these posts of people asking "what's the best Linux distro for me?" Well, today I'm sharing this site I found some time ago but forgot completely about it and today while checking my feed bumped into this article about it and thought it'd be a good idea to post here; Distrochooser https://distrochooser.de/en/ On their about page they explain that
The target of distrochooser.de is to help Linux beginners to orientate and should be a help while choosing a suitable Linux distribution.
The results are only suggetions based on your answers. Please note: There may be more complex answer combinations causing wrong/ unrealistic results

Since 14th June 2014 distrochooser.de generated 828136 tests.
Althought, reasults might be not that clear or definitive, depending on your answers so you might have to do the test a couple fo times - My results suggested 6 distros - I'm sharing hoping it may help people finding a suitable distro for their needs or at the very least lead them in the right direction.

Cheers! :)
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nice find, hornet :)



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My results suggested 6 distros
Thanks for the link to that site. :) Then after putting my requirements via the questions it suggested 20 distros. I bookmarked the page for future reference.


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Will always use Ubuntu as its the most supported distrebution for 3rd party programs
Also tried installing Mint on mom computer but it became unstable with the updates so we will stay with Ubuntu.
Moreover now the Ubuntu 20.04 has so much new and beautiful feature that the difference between it Mint and obviously Windows (that Mint was suppose to be an alternative to) is becoming more and more neglagible

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Hi everyone! when i saw this message, it just wowed me. i was actually amazed not because of the distrochooser itself but the fact that, i was working on something similar. not necessarily a software but an article. i wanna write an article to at least try to help new users to get some ideas because to be frank with you guys, this question here "which distro can i use? annoys many people in this forum.

i'll be happy to share with you when am done.

Thanks for the link @Tolkem

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