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Distrobution that works on really old laptop

Discussion in 'Laptops / Netbooks' started by Bremaine, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Bremaine

    Bremaine Guest

    I have a really old laptop, one that has windows 95 on it and it's a compaq. I was wondering if there's some small distrobution of linux that I can install on it and maybe use it for random usage? I'm unsure I can use it on the web anymore as it would require some sort of ethernet cable and that it doesn't support. I'll be find if I can't do anything with it, because if not, I'll just recycle it.

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  3. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    With Puppy Linux, you don't even have to install it. Just run it from the pendrive. No problem at all. You don't even need a hard drive to use Puppy Linux.
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  4. Yes but what if someone steals your USB drive? I'd be more comfortable with it on the hard drive ;)
  5. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I think the answer is the same as what if someone steals your car keys. A USB drive and a car key are about the same size. So the same security precautions which apply to a car key can apply to a USB drive.
  6. Yes but most people don't leave their car keys stuck in their computer ;)
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  7. KenJackson

    KenJackson Guest

    Why would anyone thing twice about wiping out Windows95?
    Microsoft probably doesn't even have a system that still runs it.

    As for an answer, I installed ArchLinux and the LXDE desktop on one
    low-powered system and I'm pleased with its performance.

    One nice thing about Arch is the rolling upgrade. You never have to
    upgrade to the next version. You just roll along with normal weekly
    or whatever updates forever.
  8. carbon333

    carbon333 Guest

    Also you should consider using light window manager like FVWM or Fluxbox. You can even do text proccessing with Abiword (which is about 2MB!). Unfortunately - forget about Libre Office.
  9. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Well, many people got their cars stolen because they left the keys still stuck in the ignition when they leave their cars.
  10. Well, I certainly don't leave my USB drive plugged in the computer, especially if it's at a public place.
  11. Bodhi Linux can run on processors with only 300 mhz so imagine how well it will work on your machine. With the Enlightenment desktop environment, Bodhi looks great and runs light. With the Ubuntu repositories, Bodhi has access to a plethora of quality free software. With a little work, it can become your perfect desktop.
  12. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Well, not intentionally but accidents happen. I have just lost a 16Gb usb drive because I accidentally left it plugged into a computer at a cyber cafe. I went back to look for it within fifteen minutes of leaving the place but someone has already accidentally removed it.
  13. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    Wow, that's really great. What makes Bodhi that lite in resource usage.. do you have any idea? Is it that the focus on performance and not on appearance?
  14. telemahos

    telemahos Guest

    just try Bodhi linux. Its lightning fast for old laptops.

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