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First I will state that I have only recently started using Linux, so my knowledge is limited there. I'll start now with as quick overview of my setup: I downloaded and installed Scientific Linux 6.3 on my iOmega 500GB external drive successfully. It will boot fine on my desktop and most other computers, however, it is having problems with the primary computer I need it to work on (HP TouchSmart tm2). When I plug in the drive and restart the computer, everything works until just after I boot from the external drive: At this point, I see the screen that tells me "Linux OS will boot in 3 seconds" Then I briefly see the Linux startup screen just before my laptop monitor goes black. Everything is working except the display, and I have tried a number of different things with no resolve. Do any of you know why this is happening? I appreciate any help!




Hey, similar problem...I'm a newbe to linix. I am just stating to work on a server, and after I enter the usr n and pw the screen goes dark after a few seconds, no vidio...have to do a hard reboot.
Some protection thingy last IT guy put in???
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