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disc burning

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by sellyoak, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. sellyoak

    sellyoak Guest

    Hi Forum

    I burned some photos onto a disc with brassero it said burning had worked okay

    tried the disc on a cd player message cant play this type of disc

    the disc is dvd+rw make imation

    what have I done wrong

    Cheers sellyoak
  2. diegosuse

    diegosuse Guest

    wrong use

    My friend. You are trying to see photos on a cd player??? I don t think this works. Cz player goes with music formats only. No photos. Hope helps
  3. sellyoak

    sellyoak Guest

    Hi you can put photos on a cd and play it through a television

    I and friends have done this with microsoft and picasa why not with linux ????
  4. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    It would depend on format images are in and the CD player, I would think.
    Suggest learning GIMP and export images into JPG format before burning.
    (Also, why depend on Brasero? Look into wodim if using a deb- or ubu- distro)
  5. sellyoak

    sellyoak Guest

    Thanks I do not understand why linux is so difficult in some areas
    dont linux users put their pics on disc

    also gimp is not the easiest programme to learn

    dont get me wrong I love linux but it can get frustrating to a newbie sometimes
  6. sellyoak

    sellyoak Guest


    Can any of the experts on this forum tell me why or for what reason threre is not
    an easy download that works for burning photos to disc in linux mint

    Mac has one Microsoft has one Picasa has one why not linux mint

    Cheers newbie

  7. Kerms

    Kerms Guest

    Personally, I never had problems with disk burning. But the thing that separates Linux from Mac/Windows is that everything tends to assume that you have at least have a general idea what you are doing.

    In this point and case, Windows/Mac disk burning probably formats your pictures to a common format that most/all picture-showing devices know.
  8. sellyoak

    sellyoak Guest

    Thanks kerms

    What do you use to burn your discs

    Cheers Sellyoak
  9. Kerms

    Kerms Guest

    I use K3B. But truth be told, I never really made anything beyond a couple boot disks, and a couple of data backups. (I never really found a use for optical disks.)
  10. sellyoak

    sellyoak Guest

    Hi kerms

    Thanks for the reply I Solved the problem by inserting a CD-R disc this gave me the option on screen to
    drag the photo file to the disc I then burned and the pics were burned to the disc and now can be played
    through the cd player on tv There are a lot of posts on the web regarding burning and a lot depends on the type
    0f disc age of player etc I think you have to experiment to get it right

    Cheers Sellyoak
  11. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    Just for the record, I think everyone missed the one detail that would've solved it all:

    While CD's can typically be played on a DVD player, DVD's can't be played on a CD player.

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