Different read write permissions on Kali Linux

Oct 18, 2021
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I have a funky story for you. Grab a cup of coffee.

So I'm using Kali Linux on my work machine and the management asked me to install Windows for some unknown illogical reason.
So, like every decent employee i decided to download that software from the manufacturer's website (the people that are manufacturing this software for whatever reason as well...) and when running the installation, i got an error saying that the Windows is not recognizing the hard drive.

So i installed Kali Linux multiple times one after another trying to figure out why Windows is not installing. Assuming that because there is Kali Linux on the hard drive, this is causing issues.
Well, i don't think it is....

The actual issue.

However when i installed the Kali Linux multiple times i noticed something.

1. When installing the bare bone Kali Linux version with the simplest desktop environment and as little applications on it as possible, i have difficulties formatting USB flash drives and SD cards.
It simply says that i don't have permissions to write on that memory.

2. However when i install the full version of Kali, with all the desktops, all the applications on it, i have zero issues with writing permissions.

When i had the issues with the writing permissions, i saw no solution to the issue and i did google it...

Is there anybody who knows why this is happening?
Thanks in advance!

Anthony Ivanov
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