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Apr 25, 2017
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Well tried this one out today and to be honest had mixed feelings about it.

On installed it on a Compaq CQ61 - the 32 bit edition.
Installation was a mixed bag. It installed ok except for the bootloader and I had to boot into Antix which had Grub2 bootloader repair to re-install grub which failed.

Connectivity was fine and so was video and sound however dpkg is very broken and needs attention - you can't even dpkg-reconfigure tzdata or dpkg-i to install a .deb without errors. I tried installing Gdebi-gtk and that wouldn't work either. There has been changes to the behaviour of su to get root's path or use
the full path to commands if you use only 'su'. I have found a possible way to solve dpkg-reconfigure command not being recognised see this page.
This for Debian Buster which has the same bug.

code: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin

So I played around with it most of the day and it seemed quite fast but the errors above have made me wait until it has become a stable distro with those.
Changes to Buster/Beowulf are outlined here:
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