Development team recruitment for a small distro



Hello! I'm looking to recruit a few people to help my friend Nyte and I develop a custom distribution of Linux for his server using the LFS (Linux From Scratch) project.

He's currently having some trouble installing a vital component, and help would be greatly appreciated. I bet he would also be willing to pay a few dollars if you're polite and helpful.

We have a few requirements, before you consider joining the team:
- You need to be a very experienced Linux user, with knowledge of Debian-based systems
- You need to be willing to cooperate with others, and hand over work if it's too much for you
- You need to know how to use APT (Advanced Packaging Tool)
- You need to know how to build and configure Linux components, and how Linux systems operate
- You need to know how the different components of Linux work together, and how they contribute to a good system
- You need to have knowledge of tools and utilities that we'll be using to make the system

Before applying, make sure you state why you would like to apply, what you will do to help, your current experience, and how much you are charging (if applicable).

You'll apply at the Discord server, at, this is what we will be using to discuss the project and communicate.

Thanks for reading, ~LoganDark and Nyte

Thanks I guess. Might be a good idea to move this to the paid offers forum though (as I have done).
Ok, so since you got banned from Discord (I hope you still check this thread) it appears that the only way to regain contact with you would be over email or Skype. My email is xtylerjrx@gmail (insert necessary line endings for gmail here so it works) so please contact me again ASAP.

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