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I would like to learn about desktop environment. Which would be best in everyone's opinion. I was say as far as speed and looks.


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In @arochester's link, you might also consider the Window Managers (WM's). When it comes to speed, they are usually much more lightweight and faster than the full-featured DE's.

What is best for you... can only be determined by you.

Thanks guys I will have a look. I think I'm looking for lightweight to be honest. I think the Patheon looks pretty good.
I have Mate right now, which is good. Doesn't hurt trying something new. lol


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This may help explain window managers.



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One thing you can do to try out many, and not mess with what you have, is to install a VM manager. Download a distro or two and install them as VMs, instead of overwriting what you have now. Then in them, you can install multiple desktops and check them out until you're ready to make a decision. I use VMWare, they have a free VM Workstation as long as you're just an individual. Virtual Box is also good, just don't happen to use it.

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