Dell laptop 1525, 3 GB, 2.GHz


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I was wondering which version of Linux I should download for my old computer? I was one of the unfortunate that got Windows vista. I have searched some YouTube and have seen a lot of suggestions to download Linux. I was wondering if there is a forum for my question? I am busy with taking care of my mother as I am little elderly also. So I'm not in hurry and have patience . Thanks so much for allowing me to do this!


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If you're new to Linux, you better start with a distro (version) for newbies - Linux Mint.


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Hi again Debbie :)

See the notes I placed at the right-hand side in response to your question on your profile.

Or you can search from within this Thread by scrolling up to the top of page and entering in the Search field Dell laptop 1525




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Debbie, if you have any questions about anything Linux, this is a great place to ask them. I'm sure you'll have plenty during the install and shortly after that. So we're here to answer them for you. :)


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This ole lady downloaded Ubuntu on to a DVD I booted it up but there isn't a WiFi connection. I looked under software and updates, hoping it would have something. What should I do next? I've not installed yet, just booting from DVD. It nice layout and reminds me of my Chromebook.

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