Dell 3340


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Mar 10, 2024
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It's the 2013 model with I3, 4GB of RAM and a 13" screen. Win10 keeps freezing on it. Despite a newer 1TB SSD.
Thinking about wiping it out and installing Buntu or such.

yep take your pick any one of the 500 or so desktop Linux will work on it, its a bit younger than my dell lappy and I have a choice of 4 distros on various drives.
It's not a serious machine, I inherited it. Thinking if I should salvage the 1TB Samsung 850 SSD SATA III out of it or leave it in. Thinking about gifting it to someone. Plus I am mainly curious how well Linux will run on it. IME, Linux runs better on old junk hardware vs Win10. It came with Win7 and don't think is even certified to run Win10. With only 4GB, it's struggling.

It's a neat and compact laptop, something a 12 year old would use. Plus it's very light. The other bonus is, it has user-removable batteries. Great for travel. Pop one out and install a new in 2 nanoseconds.
I think the freezing issue was a combination of old 12 year old battery and RAM issues, I unsat RAM, installed 1TB Samsung SSD in it and it doing much better. I got Xubuntu 24 on it now. I wanted to see how bad it would run on a spinning rust disk and it runs surprisingly well.

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