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Jun 7, 2022
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An interesting thing when trying to divide an SSD into 2 partitions, with drives I can create 1
but the SSD NOT into 2 partitions, Gepardet can not do it either and the KDE partitioner does not appoint it at all the SSD is a WD Blue SN570 1TB just like the SSD where the BS is on it

Most of my systems have SSD drives, and I've never had a problem partitioning.

Do you get any errors when trying to partition?

Do you see any error reports when you run
$ sudo smartctl -a /dev/{ssd drive}

When using GParted, after you have configured your partitions, you have to make sure to "Apply all operations".
Do you get any error messages when you try to partition?
No, only the possibility to create a second partition is not available, shrink and enlarge is possible, change file format is also possible, only create a second partition is not possible, mount or unmount has no effect.
fdisk: /dev/{drive} cannot be opened: File or directory not found
Replace {drive} with the name of the SSD device. For instance, mine is /dev/nvme0n1
I thank you for your effort, I managed to create 2 partitions and they are displayed and mounted correctly.
Man can be stupid, the problem was the file allocation, after I reformatted the SSD, I was able to create 2 partitions, strangely enough it did the file allocation automatically, it's a mystery to me why it didn't do it the first time.

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