default linux terminal login and pwd for "point linux"


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i just run point linux from usb, every works flawlessly for the first timer.
But, when i try to run terminal (tty), it asks me for login and pwd.
i can't type any other thing, but login and pwd.
everything i tried all in vain. kept asking me for login and pwd.

anybody know what is the default login and pwd for point linux distro >??



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How did you land on Point Linux? It's latest version, 3.2, was released in June 2016 and was reviewed by DistroWatch shortly after its release. With no further activity on this distro for over 3 years, DistroWatch now considers it "dormant." I'd suggest you try something more recent for better security.



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Try the username 'user' and the password 'live'.
Hii, i am grateful. you gave me the right login and pwd. it works.

i am just trying out distro out. :cool:

pls also tell me:
ctrl+alt+F1...F6.. what are these ?
what different compare to these 2 terminals which located in : applications/ system tools
1. gksu /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator (root terminal command property)
2. mate terminal (which i can't find command line of it)
the one that asked me for login and pwd is ctrl+alt+F1-F6
the "root terminal" that is located in "system tools"
root terminal didn't asks me for login and pwd.




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Advice : download and Install one of the mainstream Linux'

Something like Linux Mint Mate 19.2 ...or Linux Mint xfce 19.2

Learn first......experiment after.


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G'day Andrew :)

If it's not personal, might I ask your country of origin?

It is likely that I have tried some Linux from your country, if that is in Europe, and might be able to make a significant suggestion.

That being said, you have received good advice above :cool:


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