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Deepin working out pretty well

Discussion in 'Other Distributions' started by asterisktom, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. asterisktom

    asterisktom Guest

    I had been using Mint very recently, and was pretty pleased with it. I also had it dual booted with Xubuntu. But then I did somerhing ill advised - I either updated something that broke my stability (the dreaded black screen) or I added something else (I forget now). Any way, I now had to reinstall everything.

    So I thought ":Why not just try something totally different?" Since I work here in China I thought of two choices, the Chinese Ubuntu (I forget the name) or Deepin. Deepin seemed like a fresher choice since I already had been using Xubuntu.

    I have been using to for two weeks now and am quite pleased with it. Of all the distros I have used it now is the quickest in getting onto VPN - an essential here in the shadow of the great Firewall. Plus, it looks quite different from all the distros I sampled (and that has been quite a few).

    Any other users of Deepin here?
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  2. Yesyesloud

    Yesyesloud Guest

    Deepin has some serious innovation in the desktop environment department. Sometime I gotta boot it to get its feeling.
  3. sujinwei

    sujinwei Guest

    Working in China, Google is indeed a big problem to log in.

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