Curiosity about Red Hat Linux?


Jul 25, 2023
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So what's the deal with Red Hat Linux? Is it supposed to be better than others or something?

I'd heard the news several times talking about companies switching company computers over to Red Hat OSes for some reason. This made me curious to ask about it, and if there was something special about it. I'm sorry I couldn't find the articles to reference them. But it seemed interesting to just pick your minds about, as a newer user. (I'm find with the Mint OS that I have though.)

Personal thoughts of Brickwizard.
RHEL [redhat] have been going for many years and are one of the dominant players in the server industry, but if we add other Linux distributions to it, then Linux basically runs the internet and many large companies, and in recent years, shy governments and their departments have started to move over. Even Microsoft have been using Linux for a few years now in their programming department, and their cloud system is run using Microsoft's own version of Linux.
Desktop Linux on the other hand is still a long way behind Apple and Microsoft for business use, companies have been using these systems for so long it is difficult for them to change, the usual reasons are Staff are used to using Windows/Apple and are afraid of change/don't want to change, the time and cost of re-training staff, the cost of having specialist applications re-coded for Linux.
Changes will come, we see this with windows introduction of WSL [Windows subsystems for Linux].
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