Creating and /or learning how spell checkers work?


Aug 10, 2020
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Not sure how best to explain this so here is my best try.

Is there a stand alone spell checker that can be used without it being part another program. I guess what I mean by a "stand alone", is a self working container of sorts that maybe I can past a list of words in and have it check the spelling. Something I may could also be able to learn how it works and teach myself how to add it to another program.

My goal is to have something like this to be able to learn the code and how it works as well as what code languish would be easiest to work with and learn some simple components of how it makes calls and writes corrections and things.

I am not sure if I have provided enough info here so if you have questions please ask me. Thank you. I have posted this in Kali because I am hoping to do this in Kali but also in Windows. Thanks in advance.

Is there a stand alone spell checker that can be used without it being part another program.

yes and a useful one, when you want to use a program that does not have its own spell checker. For instance scribus is a great opensource program for manipulating text and images eg Desktop publishing. The problem unless i've missed it for the past 4 years is it does not have a built in spell checker. So i use "aspell" . Scribus iles are .sla you can also use it on html files and get it to igore markup.

eg from the command line, cd to where file is and :

aspell --lang=en_GB --mode=sgml --add-sgml-check=ch check some_file.sla

the mode is so it ignores markup, i use Queens English
Aspell is what I'd recommend too. A lot of text editors on Linux use aspell in order to provide spell-checking functionality via a plugin, or extension.

There are also hunspell and enchant. And gtk-spellcheck (which relies on enchant).
The QT library has it's own spell-checking library called sonnet as well. But this is really only any good if you are creating a QT based application and you want to incorporate spell checking functionality in it.

Going slightly off-topic and FWIW - @captain-sensible : In Scribus you can set up text boxes to import text from external files too. So you can use your usual editor with its spell-check plugin to create and spell-check content in external files before you import them into Scribus. That's another way of doing things. I haven't used Scribus in a while. But that was a workflow I've used in the past - when I helped put together the designs for one of my old bands CD designs!

The lyrics for each song and textual content for other panels were in separate, external text files - which were spell checked using aspell before being imported into the text boxes in the .sla file.
Then maybe now I will have the time to get this started. I thank you all for the endput.

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