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Crackling sound after visiting discord/playing pairs


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Apr 6, 2020
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This is not actually a problem, just a small inconvenience, because I figured out how to fix it. I just wanted to tell someone, as it could point the way to improvement/maybe help solve something other problem.
Linux Mint, newest version, but it has been like this for ages. Old mac mini 2009. Firefox.
So, I check in on Discord in my browser. Nothing from my friends, I leave again without doing anything. Suddenly the sound is crackling. If I watch film this is very annoying. I turned off the sound for playing the pairs game that comes with Linux, the one with all the animal photos. Same thing happens: I play one round, come back, sound is suddenly crackling.
Solution is to go into Discord again and set the sound to "standard". But I never changed it and I just quickly passed by.

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