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Taiwan welcomes US vaccine aid, bolstering its COVID fight
Swiss to start inoculating youngsters against COVID-19 as early as next week
Philippines seals deal for 40 mln Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 doses
mRNA Vaccines - Layman’s version (Pfizer/Moderna COVID-19 vaccines), plus some FAQs, Animation
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Australian PM promises more COVID-19 shots to states as Sydney cluster grows - Reuters
NZ regulator approves Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds
S.Korea's SK bioscience to invest $132 mln to boost vaccine production
U.S extends travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders through July 21
China has administered more than 1 billion doses of its Covid-19 vaccines - CNBC
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if you run a search for...""covid 19 been proven to be a unique virus"" you will get pages of answers from both the world press and scientific/health organisations..
Mandatory mask rules extended in Sydney as COVID-19 cluster grows - Reuters
CDC says U.S. young adults less likely to take COVID-19 vaccine
Echoes of neurodegenerative disease in fatal COVID-19; sleep woes may add risk
Poor sleep habits may be linked with higher risk for severe illness in patients with COVID-19, according to Harvard University researchers.
Abu Dhabi opens up free COVID-19 vaccines to tourists
Colombia's COVID-19 deaths pass 100,000 in unrelenting third wave
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Delta COVID-19 variant greatest threat to U.S. pandemic response - Fauci. (Video from the Washington Post Youtube channel, news from Reuters)
Explainer: What is the Delta variant of coronavirus with K417N mutation?
The variant, called "Delta Plus" in India, was first reported in a Public Health England bulletin on June 11. It is a sub-lineage of the Delta variant first detected in India and has acquired the spike protein mutation called K417N which is also found in the Beta variant first identified in South Africa.
Turkish COVID-19 vaccine starts Phase III trials
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FDA to add warning about rare heart inflammation to Pfizer, Moderna vaccines - Reuters, 1 minute video
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory groups, meeting to discuss reported cases of the heart condition after vaccination, found the inflammation in adolescents and young adults is likely linked to the vaccines, but that the benefits of the shots appeared to clearly outweigh the risk. Moderna shares closed down 4.2%, while Pfizer fell 1.4%.
Over 2 million in England may have had long COVID, study finds
The REACT-2 study, led by Imperial College London, found that more than a third of people who have had COVID-19 reported symptoms that lasted at least 12 weeks, with one in ten reporting severe symptoms which lasted that long.
U.S. to send 3 million J&J COVID-19 vaccine doses to Brazil - Reuters
Brazil sets single-day record for coronavirus cases
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Downtown Sydney, Bondi head for lockdown as Delta infections spike - Reuters, video from 9 News Australia
Russia launches Sputnik Light vaccine into wide circulation
French President, Emmanuel Macron says EU needs more coordination to counter Delta variant
Bhutan PM says ready to mix COVID-19 doses to deal with vaccine shortages
Well, Well, I posted asking for anyone to send me proof of the existence of COVID 19 by means of the isolation test, i didnt receive any response yet my posts were taken down as Fake news!

Whats going on here, how can me asking for proof be fake news as i have spend months researching COVID and cant find the proof of the existence of it hence i was asking someone here to show said proof to substantiate the claim of the existence of COVID.

I am perturbed with my posts being censored to the point of not being able to ask a question about COVID.

I shall never be coming back into this chatroom again as clearly someone is censoring posts toward a specific narrative and refuses us people to ask a simple yet fundamentally paramount question about COVID.
@msrachelroodes Do you think all medical personal around the world are faking it and part of one big conspiracy having been working overtime for over a year for fun including a family member of mine who works on the COVID section of the hospital? Just search PUBMED for COVID.
I shall never be coming back into this chatroom again as clearly someone is censoring posts toward a specific narrative and refuses us people to ask a simple yet fundamentally paramount question about COVID.

I am the one that dealt with the report. It was reported by multiple people and I made the choice to remove it as anti-vax/anti-info/fake bullcrap.

You "researching" doesn't equal actual expert decisions, information, or advice. You're not going to use as a platform to spread misinformation in the middle of a pandemic. No. You're not.

I stand by my decision. I would make the same decision again, because acting on reports (and exercising judgement) is part of my job.

For the record, I do not actually like removing posts, as is evidenced by the very few I've ever removed. However, spreading false information about an important subject like COVID and COVID vaccinations is gonna get your post deleted - especially when multiple people report it.
CDC says roughly 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died with Covid breakthrough infections after vaccination - CNBC
WHO urges fully vaccinated people to continue to wear masks as delta Covid variant spreads
Vaccine-linked heart condition tends to resolve quickly; Delta variant fuses cells to infect more efficiently - Reuters
India's richest state shuts malls, cinemas as new variant spreads
Australia's Sydney and Darwin in COVID-19 lockdowns - video from 9 News Australia, news from Reuters
There are at least 200 known cases of the Delta Plus coronavirus variant worldwide. Here's what we know - CNN
Delta COVID-19 variant starting to dominate in S.Africa, scientists say - Reuters
Delta variant 'spreading rapidly' from Lisbon to rest of Portugal
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Why so many Covid-19 variants are showing up now - VOX Youtube channel
How the UK — where the Covid delta variant ‘exploded’ — is a blueprint for the U.S. - CNBC
Vaccines work against Covid — but not enough people are getting the shots, U.S. doctor says
New Zealand considers mandatory masks, scanning amid COVID Delta variant concerns - Reuters
Russia reports 21,650 new COVID-19 cases, 611 deaths
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Oxford vaccine produces strong immune response from booster shot - Reuters
Indonesia's COVID-19 situation nears 'catastrophe' - Red Cross
Spain, Malta and Portugal restrict non-vaccinated travellers
Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. Covid cases will never fall all the way to zero - CNBC
Well i try not think much, i find it best to think less and seek evidence rather than to just listen to whatever and whoever says something.
I am now wondering why you are less interested in verifying the evidence source than presuming what my thoughts may or may not be.
Thoughts are subjective yet evidence is factual and tangible thats we have experts in the scientific community whom scientifically test viruses and thus are able to verify a virus by scientific means, this is factual so i simply im seeking this scientific evidence nothing more, nothing less.

None of the links you provided are the scientific isolated test which gets done before any confirmation of the existence of said virus.
My sister works as a doctor in the COVID section of the hospital, that is more than enough evidence for me, as well as that people are dying. There has been plenty of research done over they past year on COVID, what you more do you need. Do you need need to have talked to one of these people in person before believing that COVID is real? Do you need to experience a drug overdose to prove that drugs are bad, do you need to have taken a ride on the space shuttle to believe that the earth is round, do you need to have gone to the moon yourself before believing man-kind has actually been there?
I find it odd that me asking a question such as i did, for scientific isolation test evidence should be replied to with all sorts of pre-loaded pre-judged assumptions rather than someone being able to simply help me locate the said asked for evidence.
Your English is excellent, but your manner of questioning seems to be interpreted as your doubt that the worldwide scientific community is properly doing their job. If you have evidence of that, please by all means present it to us. But just as you are asking for "scientific" evidence... so would I. Who is "your scientist?" None of us here are epidemiologists or experts in infectious disease. I would be happy to listen to arguments among experts, as getting a "second opinion" from a doctor is standard medical practice. But listening to a crowd of people on a forum lacks any authority whatsoever. Here we have believers and non-believers in science and in news reporting, and probably a few conspiracy theorists as well. Don't expect to find answers here that will satisfy you. Google your questions for yourself.
Please note that i love you all and English not my first language but i just want to see our scientific evidence showing the virus isolated, nothing more and nothing less and i do genuinely want to know with no other intentions other than to get the answer please.
Thanks for clarifying that! In your previous posts I got the impression that you don't believe COVID is real unless you see some sort of test that you are looking for, so I apologize for having misread and judged you but since English isn't my first language either it may have been a misunderstanding as well. Keep in mind this is a Linux forum and most of the people here do their research by using a search engine and find what is on the web. I think you will maybe have more success in finding answers about the "isolation test" you are looking for or something similar in on boards of an actual scientific community. Stay healthy and safe!
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I was just gonna post that... you beat me to it. ;)
I was also going to post about louis pasteur and how he came up with a vaccine for rabies.; since its about viruses its not off topic. My understanding with Vaccines is that they take the agent what ever it is - de-nature it and inject that into us. That way we develop antibodies T-cells get involved etc but we don't get the full blown disease because it was de-natured (weakened) Now here is a thought since vaccines involve injecting us with de-natured virus; if the virus doesn't exist what are they injecting people with ?

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